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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  March 27, 2013 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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u.s. government them benefits. that certain said -- that attorney said without that defense of marriage act, if just one state does. the law he said helped make the idea of marriage clearer. >> it defines the term for wherever it appears in a federal law in a consistent way. >> reporter: they couldn't hear what was happening inside the courtroom but huge crowds formed again outside. including the new york woman who's marriage triggered this case. >> you guys are talking too freely. i have been hiding in a closet ten years ago. >> reporter: supporters the same sex marriage ban also spoke to the crowd and tv cameras. >> while we stand for the defense of marriage as between one man and one woman. it is quite clear that definition on the federal level is at great risk likely by 5-4.
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>> reporter: in the courtroom we were struck how much time was spent over whether the court should be hearing this case. the law is just 17 years old and it's being defended by a group of u.s. house republicans and not by the white house. in washington, scott mcfarlane ktvu channel 2 news. a north carolina senator who recently quiet on issues of same sex marriage is now backing marriage rights for gay couples. senator kay hagan made the announcement today. the doma hearing in washington is bringing support of the same sex marriage out for aville image -- vigil here in san francisco. >> reporter: they're holding a
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rally for gay marriage. this time they're opposing the federal defense of marriage act. this family visited from placerville where 22-year-old daughter is on spring break. >> we came down to visit the city and go to the walt disney museum. >> reporter: kristen came here with her two mothers. >> we grew up in a relatively small town. everyone loved them and have a place to be. >> reporter: because they are in a straight marriage, the defense of marriage act will solidify the ties to kristen much more challenging. >> she doesn't have the same right because both of her parents are treated the same, she's not going to get the same benefits. if one of us -- being able to file jointed for the state. i can't file jointly with the federal government. however i didn't get the benefits for my daughter for school. >> reporter: the law prevents gay couples from receiving
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federal benefits such as tax break and federal health insurance. >> it breaks my heart. >> reporter: they all want the law overturned. >> we're expected to do the same. >> i have no problem paying my fair share or raise my family. i shouldn't be treated any differently. >> reporter: at usf law professor julie knight said the law could be sent back. lot of technical issues this case as well. that could be the basis for the court to avoid the tough questions. >> reporter: knight said the court could wait until the end of june just before going on their summer break. we've posted the audio from today's supreme court hearing as well as a transcript for you on our website ktvu. com. you'll find them under the same sex marriage tab. for first time in its 148 year history a woman has been sworn in as director of the secret service. julia pierson took the federal
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oath today. the president praised his pick. pierson replaces mark sullivan who retired in february after that prosecution scandal involving secret service agents. there were some more technical problems for wells fargo customers today. some customers experienced problems using their debit cards today. the biggest cyberattack in history, who's behind it? who's the target? the effects you may notice. take a look at this video, a lamp goes right through the windshield of a bus. what the bus driver immediately did afterwards that have many people calling him a hero.
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experts say a cyberattack could have a ripple effect on other internet users. attackers have been sending a massive volume of messages to spam house. that's a geneva-based service that list the senders of spam e- mails. experts say that could slow some e-mail servers. the silicone valley leader group says such attacks could
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mean job opportunities. wright says the commerce department faces so many cyberattacks it has taken the whole division off the internet. netflix is beefing up with its original content with a plan of sci-fi thriller for subscribers. episodes of the show which will be named sense 8 are set to start running late next year. comes on the hills of netflix first original show house of cards. a bipartisan group of u.s. senators is unveiling a plan to overall immigration law. senators toured the mexican border earlier this afternoon. it will likely include new resources to beef up border security as well as a pathway
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to citizenship to undocumented immigrants who are already in the country. incredible video here to share, a bus drive inner china is -- driver in china is being hailed as a hero. after a lamp post is crashed through the windshield. watch here as it comes right through the windshield. he ducks, you will see him appear to react rather calmly. he steers the bus over to the side of the road and he makes sure its passengers are okay. this is the view inside the bus. afterward he was the only one injured and was taken to the hospital for a ruptured spleen. we'll tell you what's in a name and why things could be changing and why some say no matter what the hp pavilion is called, they'll still call it by another way. lot of clouds out there now. what does it mean for the holiday weekend, i'll have the
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. a large landslide north of seattle has destroyed one home and is threatening two dozen others. 17 of the homes have been isolated from the slide. the sheriff says the home on the beach have no power and water and the road is badly damaged. residents and vacationers are being evacuated. here at home, the hp pavilion could be heading for a name change. ronda honda is live there with
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a company rumored to be taking over the tank. robert? >> reporter: we are at the arena now, shark fans are starting to show up for tonight's game. you can see the name hp pavilion, now many people are asking for how long. it started as san jose and later became the compact center until hewlett packard agreed to call it. pavilion. >> i call it the tank. i always call it the tank. . >> the contract is for a few
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more years. if sap wants to step up, that's good for us. >> reporter: you haven't heard anything official yet right? >> all we have is talk. >> reporter: naming rights has been an important element in santa clara. many have expressed best. >> if lure looking for stadium -- if you're looking for stadium rights, stadium is pretty good to put your number on. >> reporter: san jose marketing guru ann orloff is baffled. >> this is the capital you would think they will do everything possible to hold on to it. >> reporter: we have been told the city is already starting to discuss what it might be do if hp decides it wantings out before the contract expires at the end of 2015. >> robert handa, ktvu channel 2
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news. a massive international effort as uncovered 80 genetic markers that indicates a person tendency for certain types of cancer. the research involves 5 studies by 150 research groups studying 200,000 patients. it up -- the research could help narrow down who needs to be tested for those diseases and lead to individualized treatments. a report from american association of cancer research indicates there are now 14 million cancer survivors in the united states. and it projects that number will grow to 18 million over the next 10 years. experts say the growing number of cancer survivors will present challengers. former cia director david petraeus took time to publicly apologize for the extramarital affair that led to his
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resignation. >> please allow me to begin my remarks this evening by reiterating how deeply i regret and apologize for. the circumstances that led to my resignation from the cia and caused such pain for my family, friends and supporters. >> petraeus admitted to the affair with his biographer paula broadwell. a federal bankruptcy judge today signed off on the merger deal between american airlines and u.s. airways. the $11 billion agreement must still clear the justice department's anti-trust department. that's expected to take until this fall. once the deal is done, the merged company will form the world's largest airlines. the stale of california filed a case for anyone for
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voter approved bond. the lawsuit which centers around $8.6 billion in voter approved bonds is being described as a preemptive strike. its goal is to sure its legal for the state to issue some of the bonds needed to begin construction on the bullet train this summer. where and when the case take place is not known at this time. weather has been so dry lately. we can use a awful lot of rain. bill martin, that is not at all what we're getting. >> not going to happen. i know more activity on the weekend. it's just the way it is. the bring month is here. outside we've got clouds and we've been talking about those. we have a few springs fall out of those clouds earlier today in san francisco. little bit activity in southbound and san jose area. numbers in the 60s. tomorrow similar to this, unsettled pacific but nothing
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is focused. nothing is really focused enough to bring us significant rain. scattered showers will remain in our forecast through sunday, actually through monday. what does it mean? as far as my outdoor activities goes, don't change your plan. unless you're pouring concrete or painting on the weekend, you'll be fine. we have gust of winds down in the peninsula. just kind of breezy out of the south that tells you it's sort of unfair weather wind direction. these are the forecast highs, yellows are 70s tomorrow. tomorrow lots of 60s mid-and upper 60s. forecast model move into 12:00 a.m. and midnight. look at this just a nest of moisture. thursday morning, could be a little drizzle on the road.
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then thursday at lunch still stuff in the area. thursday afternoon, little bit of clearing. this is probably need more sunshine but still the same idea that we could see a few sprinkles on friday. how much rain could we get between now and friday, that's right. all of that trouble for 300. the weekend gets here, things firm up a little bit. we could see quarter inch of rain, tenth of rain saturday night into sunday morning. that's how it looks now. lot to do about nothing. it would be nice if this was organized and it will bring us a lot of rain. right now the best bet for real rain saturday night into sunday morning which could raise a little haver -- havoc on early morning easter plan. this area will be home to some big concerts this summer.
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complaints from neighbors have promoters singing a new tune. the changes they agreed to and why some say it's still not enough. sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home.
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sofa... desk... you know what? why don't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. let us get everything off the shelf, and to your home. . growing pot outdoors is no longer an option in concord for medical marijuana patients and caregivers. the concord city council last night voted unanimously to ban outdoor marijuana. under the ordinance any pot grown indoors also cannot be
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seen from any public place such as through a window. neighborhood complaints about pot growing brought the matter to the city council. the city will begin enforcing the ordinance in 3 months. new at 5:00, in the last few hours we've confirmed organizers on the san francisco water front have -- >> reporter: this is the letter sent from america's cup to the city's entertainment commission today. it says it is now scaling back a summer concert series that suppose to happen right here on pierce 27 and 29. a proposed 9000 seat amphitheater will host the event starting at the end of may. a sting concert is already sold out. neighbors argued the concert will overwhelm the area with traffic and noise. america's cup and promoter live nation announced it will now
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only hold a maximum of 30 events rather than 40, the concerts will end 30 minutes early. some neighborhood leaders today told us this is not the end of the discussion. >> we're hoping that the promises are kept. that's something we're going to look closely at. we're going to need to ask them to do more. >> reporter: back out here live, live nation planned to operate its own neighborhood hotline for noise complaints. now agreed to allow an outside party, the san francisco police department to handle that process and take those calls. the city entertainment commission tell me there maybe still room for compromise on this issue when the board considers the america's cup proposal next week. we're live in san francisco, ktvu channel 2 news. ktvu crews just arrived on a scene of a officer involved
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shooting in san jose. we are following breaking news what early reports that caused an officer to open fire. there is systemwide delays for bart riders.
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. a signature span with a significant flaw. $20billion has been spent since the earthquake. now brittle bolts maybe compromising the new bridge set to open labor day weekend. evening i'm julie haener. >> that is our top story. first we want to take you to some breaking news in san jose. investigators are at the scene of an officer involved shooting in san jose. we know very little right now as this is still a very active scene. sources tell us a suspect may have driven a car toward police officers or rammed their police vehicle with another vehicle. ktvu maureen naylor just
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arrived there. we'll hear from her as far as she talks with investigators a the scene. as we mentioned, new eastern span of the bay bridge is something of bombshell today. caltrain's project manager admits a third of the bolt that's are key to the bridge's seismic integrity are broken. tom vacar is live. >> reporter: it is a very critical section. it turns out giant version of this are at the heart of the surprising monumental problem. as many as a third of the giant rod bolts started breaking even as they were being bolted into place. many of the steel rod bolts are apparently too brittle. >> know met the standards. >> reporter: how can it be once a rod is put into place and it meets all the standards that it then fails?
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>> hydrogen is a -- typically the test is done in conjunction with the manufacturing. >> i can assure you we will be doing more checking. >> reporter: since many of the broken rods are permanently buried in concrete, engineers are designing a fix, you perhaps a wrapped around system to meet promised earthquake safety standards. how can you guarantee that? >> that is the challenge of the design team. any solution that we put in place will cause this to perform as it was designed to perform. >> reporter: really? >> we can't know for certain that that mean that's a failure won't happen 10 or 15 years from now. >> reporter: will the bridge open labor day as promised? >> there's no guarantee for


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